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Survivor Kaôh Rōng, Season 32 – A Little Disappointed in Tai

Survivor041316So far this season I’ve been so impressed by Tai. Her’s just such a likable guy. But this episode he walked over to the bad side, and it just isn’t an endearing quality on him. Yet at the same time, I’m always surprised that he’s still there. The others just don’t seem to get it yet that if he makes it to the end, he will win easily.

After the Blindside

After the blindside last week where the women grouped together and voted out Nick, Jason and Scot become hellbent on sabotage and want Tai to join them. They believe that they have no other hope of surviving to the end, so they decide to sabotage the others to make them weaker.

It’s like Russel Hantz times two. They get up early and hide the machete and the axe, limiting the others’ ability to find food. Then Scot dumps the entire water reserve on the fire to kill their chances of boiling water or eating. But Joe and the women in the group figure out how to do without..

Later out of desperation, Tai joins them and dumps water on the rebuilt fire. I get immediately disappointed in him for falling so far down to the level of Jason and Scot. But it doesn’t even affect his likability with the others, as the others just believe that Scot did it again, and the guys still like him because they know he helped their cause. Besides, they need his idol.

Reward Challenge

Jeff Probst announces to the survivors at the Reward Challenge that they are gong to split into two teams of four each, and the remaining person won’t play, will get to choose which team they believe will win, and if they’re right, will join in the reward. Realizing how divided the group is, he lets them just choose their own teams instead of doing a schoolyard pick.

Right away Joe plays Switzerland and says he’ll be the person who doesn’t play. This makes it five women against the other three men. One of the women need to join the men, so Julia volunteers. Right away the other women resent her realizing she’s trying to play both sides. Joe sticks with the women and chooses their team.

In the challenge the teams need to unbraid some ropes while they are attached to them, then throw bean bags to knock down bottles. The women nearly come from behind with Debby’s astounding ability, but it’s not enough as the guys and Julia win. Their reward is Chinese food.

After the Reward<.h2>

The women have a disagreement over who needs to be voted out. They know that there’s a good chance that the guys have two idols and want to flush them out, so Debby wants to vote out one of the guys, but they need to make sure Julia isn’t now siding with the guys.

Aubry is the one who is most upset with Julia and doesn’t feel they can trust her. She wants to vote her out over one of the guys, and Cydney has the exact same idea. But Debby is relentless and won’t listen to that and demands they split the votes between the two guys.

Immunity and Aftermath

For the immunity challenge the survivors need to line up large dominos without knocking them over and get them to all fall down. If they fall too soon or they mess up, they have to start over. Against what Aubry and Cydney want, Julia wins immunity

Deb wants to split the votes between Scot and Tai, figuring they’ll be surprised thinking they’ll go for Jason and figuring they’re guaranteed of getting one of them out. She will not listen to reason, and it’s worrying Aubry, making her realize Debby has become a liability.

Cydney and Aubry then decide they need to get Debby out. Michelle is on board, but Joe refuses to go against a former alliance member, just as he always does. This means they have to trust Julia to vote the way they want. Julia has already gone and told the guys that they are planning to split the votes. Scot figures they just need to play the super idol if it doesn’t go their way.

Tribal Council

When Jeff Probst brings up the Idols, Scot announces that they will tell everyone what is going to happen. Tai shows his idol, and Jason shows his. Tai says he will play his idol, and Jason says he and Scot will play rock, paper, scissors to decide who gets the other one and let fate play out.

The ladies start whispering and saying “Original.” But what plan is that? That sounds like they want to vote out the guys. They then talk openly and so do the guys, and they all decide they are ready to vote and know exactly what they are going to do..

Tai fools them all and doesn’t play his idol. Scot and Jason do their rock, paper, scissors, and Jason loses, but then they decide just to give the idol to Tai. This is because if one of them gets voted out, they will play it as a Super Idol and save themselves.

The votes come back two for Scot, three for Cydney, and four for Debby. She is definitely blindsided. The guys are elated. Nick whispers that the guys are safe for awhile. The three guys voted for Cydney, Debby and Joe voted for Scot, and all four of the other women voted for Debby.


So where do they go from here? Like Nick pointed out, it would seem the guys are safe now that everyone knows they have the Super Idol. and the previews show them feeling they are invincible. But their elation almost seems like there is some foreshadowing thrown in that something will go wrong.

Then we see Aubry trying to lure Tai away from the evil clutches of Scot and Jason, telling him he’s not like them. He then tells the camera he doesn’t know what to do. We know he is a good person and playing evil does’t sit right with him. But will he ruin what he has gong for him if he switches alliances? Switching this late in the game usually doesn’t bode well.

Yet still … no one is discussing voting him out. His idol keeps him safe if they decide to, but they don’t seem to be. If they’re smart, they won’t take him that much further. He’s a risk to win immunities close to the end to make it. And about the only person left who might be able to beat him is Aubry. This could be an exciting end of the game.

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