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The Voice, Season 10 – Live Playoffs, Night 2 and Wednesday’s Results

TheVoice041316It’s night two of the Live Playoffs on The Voice. Tonight we’ll hear from Team Pharrell and Team Adam. Once again each coach will be allowed to bring back one comeback artist from any team. Then on Wednesday night two artists will be voted in from each team, and the judges will decide which one artist of the remaining three on their teams will come back next week to make up the top 12.

Right off the bat, Pharrell Williams is opening with his comeback artist Daniel Passino who was previously on Team Christina. He’s singing “When I Was Your Man,” and he not only sings it but sets up the production of the number. This is the perfect song for him, and he proves he was a wise choice as a comeback artist. Adam Levine is really impressed by him. Blake Shelton tells him he put himself right back in the mix. Christina’s Aguilera loved his tenderness. Pharrell is so proud of of him and says he just wrote his future.

Team Pharrell is up again with Emily Keener. She’s singing and playing the keyboard to “Still Crazy After All These Years.” He tells her she just takes people on a ride and says her growth is not about technique but revealing what she has. To sing this song she just seems wise beyond her 17 years. Adam tells her she got him with that song. Christina especially loved the verses. Pharrell felt like she took them all to a ’70s coffee shop in New York or San Francisco.

Laith Al-Saadi of Team Adam is up and singing “With a Little Help from My Friends.” This song means a lot to him because he thinks we all rely on our friends to get by. Adam begs him to do some shredding with his guitar. This is how this song is meant to be played and sung, on full blast and with full emotion. Blake notes it’s cool to know there were more verses to the song, as he only knew the one from The Wonder Years. Christina felt he let loose more tonight. Pharrell pleads with classic rock fans to vote for Laith. Adam is just happy that he represents something that sometimes goes unappreciated.

Moushumi will take the stage next for Team Pharrell, and she’s singing “Love Yourself” to show people what they can look forward to when she is able to sing her original music. Her coach wants to ramp up the song a little bit as it’s all just on one singular level. As she sings the song, you can tell what Pharrell meant, as there really isn’t anywhere for the song to go. Adam found himself wanting to hear more of her voice and less production. Christina disagrees and loves what they did with the song production-wise. Pharrell says it’s clear this is what she’s supposed ;to be doing, as she has a following all the way to India..

Pharrell stole Lacy Mandigo from Blake in the Knockouts, and he had stolen her from Christina in the Battle Rounds. She’s singing “Love Is a Battlefield,” introduced to Pat Benatar’s music through her dad. Pharrell tells her she’s too busy worrying about her hair while she’s performing, and as a rocker she shouldn’t be. She doesn’t pay any attention at all to her hair tonight as she performs. Blake still knows there’s something special about her. Christina tells her she rocked it tonight and gave her all. Pharrell tells her this proved she was never meant to go home..

Owen Danoff from Team Adam is next up, and he’s feeling like everything is clicking. He’s singing “Hero” and thinks this allows him to introduce himself to everyone as he’s only been doing older music. His coach has seen a tremendous shift in his confidence. While it’s a newer song, his style kind of makes it sound like one of his older songs. Blake says he made that seem like his song and not a cover. Pharrell says his unique tone with something so folk was a magical moment. Adam thinks making a song your own is the only real mark of a good singer.

Adam’s team is up again with Shalyah Fearing who he stole from Pharrell who stole her from Christina. She’s singing “Listen,” and Adam calls it not a typical Beyoncé song. He warns her to not undersing and not lose power and realizes she’s perfect for this song. It’s not easy to sing a Beyoncé song, but she does amazing. After a standing O, Blake notes someone that no one was thinking that strongly about just became a frontrunner. Christina is excited to hear this from her. Pharrell is honored to have been a part of her journey. Adam says we feel the message she is trying to convey.

Adam’s comeback artist is Nate Butler who he sent home in the Knockouts. He’s singing “Sara Smile,” and Adam thinks it’s good for him because his voice is really smooth with a great tone. He advises him to lay back in it since it’s a soul/R&B-type song. Nerves are affecting him a little in the beginning, but he completely hits his stride in the middle. Blake notes that just when you think you’ve heard everything from Nate, he throws in a run and then the falsetto at the end. Adam says the subtleties and nuances to what he does are amazing.

Caity Peters of Team Pharrell is singing Adele’s “I’ll Be Waiting.” She usually sings ballads, so he thinks this is a good uptempo song for her. He gets her to sing high notes when she’s used to singing low. After the other explosive performances, this one seems to fall a little flat. Christina felt like everything was brought to life. Pharrell is happy for her because she reminds him you’re in your own jail until you let loose and have fun.

It’s back to Team Adam for a performance by Caroline Burns. Her friends have been asking her if Adam smells good. He wants her to challenge herself as the competition goes on, and she will tonight with “All I Want.” He thinks her goal now is to find the confidence. I can only think every time I watch her how incredibly young she looks. Blake says she reminds him of Danielle Bradbury. Pharrell notes this is a total different level for her. Adam still thinks there is something more and another level she hasn’t reached yet.

It’s Team Adam again with Brian Nhira who is already singing uplifting messages for fans. He’s performing “Alive” tonight, and Adam wants to hear more pain in it. He needs to be as vulnerable here as he’s ever been. He does a good job getting that emotion into it tonight. Christina says he has a crazy range. Pharrell doesn’t understand how he hits the high notes and doesn’t waver. Adam is nicknaming him “Game Time.”

Last up for the night is Team Pharrell’s Hannah Huston. She’ll be singing “Ain’t No Way,” and she knows she needs to stretch her voice. He thinks she can go all the way and wants her to show that. Listening to her sing, it’s sometimes hard to imagine that she’s a preschool teacher. Blake says she does a combination of frustration and desperation when she sings. Pharrell tells her that her students are right that she is super colorful when she sings.

Skipping ahead to the results on Wednesday night, Team Pharrell sings “Don’t You Worry Child.” America has saved Hannah Huston and Daniel Passino. Pharrell needs to decide who to save among Emily Keener, Moushumi, Caity Peters, and Lacy Mandigo. He saves Emily, sending the other three home.

Team Blake is up next with “Hey Brother.” America saves Adam Wakefield, which is no surprise, and Mary Sarah, which is also not a surprise. Blake needs to decide who to save among Paxton Ingram, Katie Basden, Joe Maye, and Justin Whisnant. He chooses to save Paxton, saying he’s believed in him since the beginning.

Next up is Team Christina to sing as a group. America’s votes have saved Alisan Porter, which is also non-surprising, and Nick Hagelin, which is a bit surprising. Between Tamar Davis, Bryan Bautista, Kata Hay, and Ryan Quinn, Christina, after much hemming and hawing, saves Bryan, sending the others home.

And finally Team Adam takes the stage and sings “Your Song.” The last two contestants America has saved are Shalyah Fearing and Laith Al-Saadi, neither of which are a surprise. Between Owen Danoff, Brian Nhira, Caroline Burns, and Nate Butler, Adam is saving Owen, making him the final member of the top 12.

There is a lot of great talent in this top 12. Christina has been angling all season for it to be a year where a female coach can win, and with her team, she has a good chance of it. But that’s not counting the others out, as they could just as easily win, but Pharrell seems to have the weakest team this season.

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