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Survivor Kaôh Rōng, Season 32 – A Need for a Richard Hatch School of Alliances

Survivor032316There seems to be an overall ineptitude among this season’s group of survivors. Neither of the original Brains and original Brawn tribes seem to get it. They don’t seem to understand how to work with people to get to a common goal: surviving. The only ones who seem to get it are the Beauty tribe, and they were decimated after Caleb was evacuated and Anna was voted out. However, it seems like Scot is finally getting it now that he’s working with Tai.


Debbie continues to be disillusioned. She makes multiple remarks about how hot she thinks Nick is and says he should be a model, and she knows as she’s done modeling in the past. Frankly I, I have to ask, is there anything she hasn’t done or anything she doesn’t know?

Reward Challenge

The producers set Scot up for this one pretty well. For the challenge the teams have to untie some underwater buoys, then push them all to the shore and stack them in a rack where two players will shoot them into a basket.

Obviously the former NBA player has an extreme advantage here. It’s like, well … a doing anything challenge with Debbie since she’s an expert at everything. I have to give to to Nick for making it close and staging a comeback after Michele got them in a hole not being able to untie the buoys, but that seemed custom-made for Scot.

New Addition

After Anna, a former Beauty tribe member, was voted out of the Gondol tribe last week, it left an opening in the tribe for Julia, another former beauty tribe member, who was without a tribe after the tribal shakeup. This kept the vote balance as two from Beauty, one from Brawn, and three from Brains.

Peter obviously didn’t learn anything after Liz was voted out after the two of them had figured everyone would bow to their voting desires. Now he decides he once again wants Joe out, and he confronts Julia suggesting they band together and vote out Joe. Then he talks to Scot to share his plan.

Aubry and Joe are intending on keeping their majority intact so plan on keeping Peter around and dumping the new addition, Julia. Joe catches wind of Peter’s plan and confronts him, but Peter denies it. Joe actually starts to threaten him to vote his way. Well, if Peter joins with Julia, Scot, and Tai, they’ll have the majority, and there isn’t anything Joe can do about it.

On the other tribe Debbie and Michelle talk, and the older woman takes the younger one under her wing. Debbie is angling to get Jason out as he doesn’t do anything around camp. But then Nick tries to be protective of Michelle, and she gets offended. She says she’ll just play dumb to go along with him but she doesn’t “need to be carried, Bro.”

Immunity Challenge

The tribes need to fight through an obstacle course and then build a tower of blocks that was taller than any of them, including Scot. But clearly this was another challenge that would benefit Scot yet again. However, Gondol tries Peter’s strategy of building in the middle, picking up the top and inserting sections in the middle. It doesn’t go well, and they lose.

Aubry wants to get rid of Peter but is afraid to lose the number for Brains in the tribe. Joe refuses to consider bending and going against him. So he makes amends with Peter who is deciding he’s not going to go against the Brains either and that he’ll just vote out Julia.

Scot talks to Peter and realizes he just wants to vote Julia out. He talks with Julia and Tai, and they realize it’s a tie vote of three against three. They start discussing voting Peter out and know Joe isn’t going to bend, so they go to Aubry and tell her that Peter was talking about voting her out. However, they aren’t sure whether Aubry is going to join with them, making Scot say that he and Tai just might have to vote out Julia.

Tribal Council

At Tribal Council Julia puts it out there that the tribe is split. Aubry, though, then starts talking about seeing sides of Peter that is making them question him, and Julia and Scot talk about Peter going to them and throwing the others under the bus.

Tai and Scot whisper and nod with each and decide to do the “original plan.” Scot then openly says “original plan” to Julia. This makes Aubry and Joe whisper with each other as well.

Aubry is shown as stalled when she goes to write down her vote. She then writes Julia, but stares at it for awhile. When the votes are read, her vote says Julia, but is crossed off and now says Pete. Peter is voted out four to two.

That guy had no idea how to play this game. He is most probably an excellent ER Doctor, but he doesn’t understand how to strategize with people. He kept thinking if he conceived an idea, he could get the others to go along with him, never giving anyone else an ounce of credit to possibly make a decision on their own. And that’s the sole reason he is no longer there. It happened on the Brains tribe when Liz was voted out, and it now happened again with him. Had he not been talking to Julia and Scot who had no reason to be loyal to him, he would still be there and Julia would have been voted out.

Next Up

So now the tribes will merge next week. This gives the Brains, Brawn, and Beauty a chance to group back together again. For Brawn, they’re still down with only three people left: Cydney, Jason, and Scott. Brains now have four left: Debbie, Neal, Joe, and Aubry. And Beauty now has four as well: Tai, Julia, Nick, and Michelle.

Much of this will depend on the other alliances that were created outside of their original tribes once they made the tribal switch. Perhaps the strongest one we saw is between Scot and Tai. Scot was without his partner Jason, and Tai had just lost Caleb. Scot, Tai, and Jason could now form together for a great alliance.

And if they brought Cydney in, they’d have another group of four. And now they’ve grouped with Julia who just lost her alliance member Anna. If they bring Julia in they have five. If they bring Julia’s old alliance member Michele in they have six. Or they could combine Brawn and Beauty against Brains.

It doesn’t seem like Brains have done much to create alliances past their original tribe, so if Scot and Tai are smart, which they appear to be, they will start heading in that direction. And let’s not forget that Scot knows that both Tai and Jason have idols and could form the super idol. It could get exciting!

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