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Amazing Race, Season 28 – Bros Being Dudes Coming in 1st and 2nd

TAR031116There were two things that came to mind while watching The Amazing Race this week. One thought was that that producers should try to make the challenges and locations seem a little more pleasant. This week they were really cold and were doing such frightening things that it makes me wonder how many people were raising their hand this week to sign up.

The other thing that struck me is that they really need to put the cold weather locations later in the season. We had a cold weather climate last week as well. Both times they were wearing different outfits. When it’s earlier in the season and you’re still learning the teams, it’s hard to tell who is who when they’re all bundled up.

I guess there were more things that bothered me than I originally thought. In addition to the above, CBS needs to do a better job with their On Demand viewing. They run a premium service from their network meaning if I want to see last week’s episode, it’s free. But if I want to see this week I have to subscribe to a monthly fee. I already pay for cable; I am not going to subscribe to network TV just that I can stream current episodes.

The reason I was looking to do this? I did DVR the show, but coverage of the protest at the Trump rally interrupted the first few minutes of the show, so I missed the very beginning, tuning in to see the teams changing clothes into ultra warm weather gear with one of the guys claiming that he’s wearing hammer pants.

Bros Being Dudes

After the teams change their clothes, they get a clue to find the license plate of a car. Once found they travel in the car to find a gondola station. This takes them to the highest mountain in Central Europe. They need to board a gondola with a mountain guide and a backpack of gear to take them up to their next clue.

Between the leading two teams – Tyler and Korey and Brodie & Kurt – they start talking about the movie Alive and decide if it comes down to eating each other, they’ll eat Tyler first because he’s easiest to cook and tender. They also decide they are “bros being dudes.”

At the top of a mountain they have to zipline across to another mountain to get their next clue. This gives them a Detour of either delivering dynamite and a baguette to crews working on the mountain or building a campsite for the crews working on the mountain.

I’ll Just Have the Baguette for Lunch

Just in case it wasn’t bad enough that they are in the freezing cold, they have to zipline from the highest mountain in Central Europe. And if they survive all that, then they can choose to carry dynamite around with them. And a baguette. No thanks. I checked out at the first sign of cold. Even Tyler says it seems like something humans shouldn’t be doing. Erin and Joslyn misunderstand “lunch,” and even though they already have a baguette, nearly steal someone’s lunch trying to find “lunch.”

Burnie and Ashley loose their clue down the mountain in a big gust of wind and snow. They have to go back across the zipline to get another clue. Luckily for them there appear to be extras. Otherwise, what would they have done? On top of that they decide to do the Campsite challenge since no one else is doing it. They have to improvise when one of the pegs is broken and then have to spend a lot of time shoveling show onto the sides of the tent to build a barrier.

Lookin’ for a Yeti

For the Roadblock one person form each team needs to paraglide along with an experienced pilot, and at the end of the excursion, repeat what they saw while flying over. It’s a yeti waving a French flag. Hopefully they remember the flags from last week’s challenge.

Brodie is the first to try paragliding. They aren’t able to take off as he falls flat on his face in the snow. This gives Korey a shot at doing it and taking over first place. He does it successfully. Brodie gets it on his second attempt.

The first team to end up on the mat is Tyler and Korey with Brodie and Kurt right behind them. The last three teams to hit the Roadblock are Sheri and Cole, Burnie and Ashley, and Erin and Joslyn. Their finishing order depends on what wind strength they can catch and if they are able to take off and not fall flat on their faces.

Too many times falling do Erin in, and she and Joslyn finish in last place. Phil Keoghan eliminates them there on the mat. Even still they consider themselves blessed to have the jobs they do and to have competed on The Amazing Race together.

Image Credit: YouTube Video