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The Bachelor, Season 20 – Women Tell All

Bachelor030716As is always the case, there was plenty of drama to be found on The Women Tell All episode of The Bachelor on Monday night. Usually there is one misunderstood woman who needs to hash out her choices during the season, but this time there were plenty of women who needed to hash things out


The smallest issue was dealt with first. There was the week that Leah threw one of the Laurens under the bus. Leah explained that she was devastated to not get a one-on-one, and Lauren had said girls who hadn’t had a one-on-one yet were losers to be upset about it. As if that’s a reason for throwing her under the bus. Jami and Becca pointed out that she lied. She tried to say she didn’t intentionally lie, but that fell flat.


Jubilee was next up, and much time was spent on her. She started off saying that she believed many of the things she said were misunderstood. She was shocked to see what the other girls were saying about her date in the helicopter. Jami said it started before that when Jubilee had made a comment about being the “real black woman” on that season and it upset the biracial women, and she denied ever making such a statement.

Once Jubilee sat on the stage with Chris Harrison, she said she knew she was a controversial person and that she’d have to defend herself. She and Ben shared the same fear that they were unlovable. Chris pointed out that Ben was fighting for her, but she said she never thought someone like her could win Ben over and she was terrified to tell him of her past. She’s taking steps to better shelf, though, and refuses to ever overthink something to the point she’s self-destructive again. However, she seemed to be in just as much conflict, not being able to decide whether she is the victim or a mean girl.


Lace was another one who went through a learning experience after she took herself off the show. She admits she was uncomfortable being there and said a side of her came out that made her aware of how she acts in situations. She had already been thinking about going home, but seeing Ben kissing Becca was icing on the cake.

When she said she’s been trying to avoid saying the word crazy, a guy stood up in the audience and said she is crazy … crazy beautiful. He took off his shirt and revealed that he has a tattoo of her face on his side. This guy really had a tattoo of a Bachelor contestant. Who’s crazy now?

Chris invited her again to Bachelor in Paradise as he did on the live show at the beginning of the season and this time she readily accepted, so look for that.


But if you’re looking for mean girls, there isn’t anyone more appropriate for that title this season than Olivia. She admitted she cried at home watching the first episode because it started out so well and she didn’t know where it went wrong. She said she feels a little like Jubilee like you can’t really get her right away.

Olivia knew things were weird in the house, but she didn’t know the extent of what the others were saying about her. She owned up to many things that she did wrong and apologized to Amanda for what she said about being a teen mom. She complained that when there was problems with Jubilee they went and talked to her, but no one ever came to talk to her. Emily said she came to her twice.

When Chris asked Olivia is she felt like she was ganged up on, she unbelievably said she felt like she was minding her own business the whole time. The faces on the other women told a different story. She knows she asked to speak to Ben first many times, but that was her trying to show him that she was there for him.

Jenn brought up Olivia telling Ben that she was different than the other girls because she reads books and talks about smart things, and is obviously insulted. Olivia tried to backtrack, and when Haley said she should be more self aware, Olivia brought up being bullied as a child. Shushana said she made that situation what it was. She wanted them all to be jealous, and watching it she’s 100% correct.

Olivia was just really put out that the other women made fun of her breath and her toes. She cried and said it’s been really hard and that she gave her sister her social media accounts because it’s a rough place for her right now.

She apologized again to Amanda and said it wasn’t fake. She seemed sincere, yet at the same time, she just doesn’t get it. She may be more self aware now, but she still just doesn’t understand the connection between her actions and the treatment by the other women.


Caila got a chance in the hot seat as well, as the third-place finisher always does. She talked about the day Ben let her go and said she just wanted to have a serious conversation with him because it was a really important time in their relationship. For the first time she felt understood by someone, so for him to say he never loved her back was really difficult.

Yet she did say that seeing Ben’s relationships with Lauren and JoJo was good for her. She wants to have that same thing some day. However, it hurt her a lot that he could tell both of them that he loved them but couldn’t say it to her. She doesn’t fall in love easily, so it made it really hard. She admitted that she missed him and seems just as shell-shocked as Olivia.


When Ben took the stage and addressed the women, as he should, he addressed Caila first. He wanted her to know how much their relationship meant to him and how much he learned from their conversations. He explored life to a level he never expected. He doesn’t want her to discount their relationship at all. She asked him if her confusion over her feelings stalled their relationship, and he said it was never stalled. It was just dependent on what was happening with the other relationships.

Jubilee brought up her confusion saying that when Caila and JoJo had a hard time opening up he said he found it attractive. Yet when she had a hard time communicating, he told her he wanted a wife who could communicate with him. Ben tried to point out that the difference was that was all of their conversations between: the confusion. Jubilee didn’t seem to understand still, but it’s clear to everyone else that their relationship couldn’t progress because all they did was talk about her and not the two of them together.

Olivia addresses Ben and tells him it would have been nice to get a one-on-one with him. He tells her there was something there that wasn’t right, and it wasn’t fair to drag something along.

Next Week

While I was hoping against hope that Caila was the person Ben is seen calling on the phone in last week’s preview, it appears now that it definitely isn’t a possibility. In the expanded previews this week, he still loves two women at the finale but sends a woman home that he loves because he has to be with the other one.

It’s anyone’s guess whether Ben ended up with Lauren or JoJo, but he does tell Chris that he is happy and more in love than he has ever been. He says he would marry the woman tomorrow if he could. Chris says he might hold him to that.

Will there be an officiant at the finale? That could make it interesting.

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