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Amazing Race, Season 28 – Breaking the Cardinal Rules

imageI don’t know what it is about this particular group of contestants on The Amazing Race this season, but it’s episode four, and I’m still having a hard time keeping them apart and remembering their names.

In addition to that, since they’re all Internet stars, my guess is that they’re not all big fans of the the show. This means they don’t know the tried and true rules to playing this game. One of those rules is that you never take the counting Detours. Another is that you don’t take the “Needle in the Haystack” Detours. There’s always a difficult element in them that you don’t see; that’s why something that seems so easy gets incredibly hard. Yet another rule is that you have to remember you’re playing a game, and these people aren’t your friends.


The other troubling aspect among these teammates is the showmance that’s brewing. All the teams got bunched up on the same flight from Cartagena, Colombia to Geneva, Switzerland, meaning it was the first time they’ve all been together since the very beginning.

Brodie, who is partnered with Kurt, is excited to talk to Blair, who is partnered with her father Scott, for the first time. The other contestants notice the showmance, especially Tyler and Korey, and Tyler just won’t let it go.

Tyler coins the showmance “Blodie” and says it often throughout the show. Korey suggests that Tyler be the flower girl at the wedding. While everyone is camping out together waiting for their next challenge, Blodie cuddle together with a blanket over them. And Tyler and Korey are right there hovering over them.

Never Take the Counting Challenge

For the Detour, they’re given the choice of assembling Swiss Army knives or counting how many people will fit on a very, very long bench. Even though it seems difficult, the knife is the better challenge. It’s better than testing your luck counting. Nevertheless, the majority of the teams choose that challenge.

To count how many people will fit on the bench, the teams hold newspapers and sit next to each other with the papers touching. Then the first person gets up and moves to the other side of the second person, and then the second person gets up and moves to other side. They continue this until they have covered the whole bench.

Brittany and Jessica are behind from the start because they couldn’t find the challenge. They were looking for the Swiss Army knife Detour. They found the bench one and decided to just do that instead. They ended up being the last team and just couldn’t get the number right no matter what they did. Again, it’s not easy, and that’s why it’s a challenge. Eventually they get it right and have to play catchup.

Don’t Look for Help If You’re in Last Place

For the Roadblock, the teams end up at the United Nations. One member of each team needs to match the right flag to ten different countries. The flags are all displayed in rows in front of the building, and there’s a display case that shows all of the country names with the ten countries in the challenge highlighted in gold. They’re each given a book with all the flags, and they need to pull out the ones they need.

The contestants working on the Roadblock are trying to guess at which flags they need, and Korey figures there is probably some type of key or map to help them. Suddenly he realizes that the flagpoles are all in the same order as the countries in the display case. That’s the key he was looking for.

Korey teams up with Matt to get these figured out as quickly as they can. Then the other teams all start to pair up as well. Korey gets it wrong the first time, leaving Bernie as the first one to finish.

Finally Brittany and Jessica arrive with Jessica doing the challenge. She’s upset that all the teams are working in small groups and no one wants to work with her. What she’s forgetting is the rule that this is still a game. She’s so far behind that they all know they are safe if she stays behind. Of course no one is going to help her.

How Many Trains Does It Take to Get to France?

As the teams finish the Roadblock, they are sent on a train to Charmonix, France, where Phil Keoghan will be waiting at the center of town. But the train doesn’t go straight there. They have to transfer to a different train at some point.

All the teams are on two different trains heading to France. Jessica finally finishes and they hop on a third train. Those on the second train are hoping that in their layover transferring between trains that Brittany and Jessica don’t catch up to them. They watch them actually standing on the platform as the train pulls away. Somehow all teams end up on the same train together after the transfer, except Brittany and Jessica.

This means it’s a mad dash off the train for who can run faster to get to Phil and be team number one. Brodie and Kurt make it there first, with Tyler and Korey right on their heels. Phil says it happened one time before where that many teams ended up on the mat at the same time. It was in the All Stars season.

Eventually Brittany and Jessica, also known as “The Models,” make it to the mat and are eliminated. Too many things happened on that leg for them to survive it.

Always, always, always, on The Amazing Race, remember the cardinal rules.

Image Credit: YouTube Video