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Survivor Kaoh Rong, Season 32 – “Brain” Tribe? Sure About That?

Survivor030216What I’m finding amusing this season of Survivor is the alternate tribe names of Beauty, Brains, and Brawn. Okay, so the Beauty tag fits, but I’m really not sure about Brains and Brawn.

Supposedly the purpose of dividing the group into these specific teams is so that they have to rely on their given traits. Yet when the Brawn tribe was found to be not very … Brawny … in their first challenge, they booted out one of the brawniest, Darnell, when he lost the scuba mask and kept Alecia, aka “Blondie,” the smallest of all of them who had lost the puzzle portion of their first challenge and who did nothing in camp.

Then in the next episode, “Blondie” was on the block again, but they also considered doing a ladies alliance and voting out Kyle, another of their most brawny individuals. Instead, Jennifer opened up her mouth at Tribal Council and admitted to the plan, so they just decided to vote her out instead. Yet, they still had Blondie who isn’t helpful to them in challenges, so now they only have three “Brawny” people left on the tribe.

Luckily for them, they finally won second place in a challenge, saving them from voting someone else out. However, Kyle saw Blondie and Cydney searching for the idol. Cydney found the tool for it and Blondie didn’t, so she had a leg up. But she wanted to come clean with the others, who booted her aside and went for the idol themselves. Kyle now has the idol. Cydney should not have told them they found a clue and should have found a way to go there on her own.

As for as the Brains tribe, they have no idea how to gameplay. Peter and Liz were aligned and knew they had to break up the other two pairs: Joe and Deb and Aubry and Neal. They decide Joe will be loyal casino online and that Deb doesn’t have the drive in her for a big move, so they decide they need to get rid of Aubry and Neal.

Once they lost the challenge, they thought it was a good thing as they can’t wait to start carrying out their plan. They tell Aubry and Neal to vote out Joe and tell Joe and Deb to vote out Aubry. But the other four want them out. They see Peter as very narcissistic and aren’t too fond of Liz either.

At the tribal council, the Brain tribe nailed it, realizing that their tribe was bound to either over-analyze everything or that everyone would feel individually that they are smarter than everyone else. That was definitely the case with Peter and Liz.

The vote came down to a three-way tie of Aubry, Liz, and Peter. At this point Peter and Liz’s alliance was going down; those who received votes couldn’t cast votes in the revotes, so neither Liz nor Peter could vote out the others. Neal, Joe, and Deb decided that Liz had to go.

Peter needs to really scramble here to find his way into an alliance with one of the other pairs, but at this point they don’t trust him or like him. Really his only hope is for a tribal shakeup so that he can regroup.

But it doesn’t appear to be coming next week. The preview shows someone getting so ill during a challenge that they need to be Medivaced out of there.

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