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The Bachelor, Season 20 – Final 3 Fantasy Suite Dates

bachelor022916We all saw the Bachelor promos showing Ben Higgins fretting over telling two women that he loved them. In the first place, that’s nearly unheard of for Bachelors and Bachelorettes. They never say it until the finale when they settle on the chosen one. But even bigger than that was who Ben was saying that to. Which two women were going to be awarded those three magical words?

Ben’s first date of the night was with Caila. She was his first one-on-one date, and she’s been my favorite all along as the the person who he’d eventually end up with. She was off all day and finally admitted to him that she was worried about the two other women. She did finally get comfortable enough to tell him she loved him.

But Ben didn’t say it back. This is despite them sharing the night in the fantasy suite. They showed them the next morning together, so apparently we’ve moved past suggesting they’re sleeping together to just accepting it. They ended on a good note, but he still didn’t say I love you. What does this say about her future with him?

It was on to Ben’s second date with Lauren. He admitted that with her he feels like he can be himself. They had what he described as a whole day full of cuteness with baby sea turtles, Lauren, and “Mel,” the guy on the beach helping with the turtles. He feels she’s too good for him, and she feels the same about him.

Ben is the man of Lauren’s dreams. She tells him she is completely in love with him. He tells her he’s known he was in love with her for awhile. So there it is. The first I love you. So he knew he was in love with Lauren, yet he still slept with Caila? Needless to say, he spends the night with Lauren.

On Ben’s date with JoJo, she wants to talk to him about her brothers but wants to focus on just her and Ben. She tells him she’s scared because she’s not just falling in love anymore; she’s in love. He says he loves her too. This is number two. They finally get around to talking about her brothers’ opinion of Ben, and she brushes right past this conversation. And, of course, they spend the night in the fantasy suite.

For Ben, he is feeling like everything finally makes sense. He can’t imagine saying goodbye to either Lauren or JoJo, and he’s not mentioning Caila at all. She seems to already be out of his mind.

While Ben is deep in thought about trying to decide between Lauren and JoJo, Caila pays him a surprise visit, a visit she expects he will enjoy. But he can’t keep up the facade with her, so he tells her he’s in love with the other two women and that the other relationships have progressed further.

Caila leaves, then comes back and demands to know when Ben knew that he loved the other two more. She is obviously asking if he knew before they slept together. He says he didn’t know until he spent time with Lauren and JoJo that he had stronger feelings for them than Caila. She leaves … crushed.

In the promos for the finale in two weeks (Women Tell All will be next week), they show Ben still stuck on who he is going to choose, not wanting to say goodbye to either of them. Then he makes a decision and picks up the phone to make a call.

Who is he calling? Aren’t they ready to go meet them and hear their fate? Did he already send someone home and is now changing his mind? Is he calling Chris Harrison? Did he realize that he does love Caila? Probably not, but I’m still holding out hope.

If not, Caila needs to be the next Bachelorette.

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