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Survivor: Second Chances – Episode Catch Up – Who’s The Hero This Season?

Option 4 – Joe. Golden Boy got a LOT of glory in the early episodes but they still check in with him from time to time. And what is Joe doing? Building things. Winning challenges. And talking about how he wants to avoid his fate from last season. To that end, Joe has put himself in a strong alliance that will be a force to be reckoned with if we go to a merge very soon. Personally, I think we have a second tribal shift in our future this week to get us back down to two tribes before we merge into one. Joe is either getting the winner’s edit or he is getting the same edit he got last season.

Option 5 – Kass. I know! Right?!? She is not someone that anyone thought could do it. Recall how she played the first time? Spencer even said it himself – Kass. No chance of winning. However, she is doing the Boston Rob approach. She is changing the way she plays the game. Everyone expected Chaos Kass and instead they are getting a good teammate who makes birthday presents instead of fake idols. Russell Hantz lost badly when he returned against people who knew his game – because he didn’t change things around. Kass is doing that and we may be seeing an unlikely winning season.

Option 6 E and Namesake – Interesting duo these two. Each have idols and each have played well so far. However…does is seem like something is missing in their edits? It does to me. Both made slick moves to earn their idols – but honestly, shouldn’t we be seeing more from them? Both are well positioned to advance thanks to the idols, but…there hasn’t been as much out of them. There is time, but something seems odd about these two.

Anyone else? Maybe. But I haven’t seen it. No E, Kimmi, Keith, Woo, and Terry really haven’t done much. Abi is the clear villain so far. Fishy and Ciera are interesting choices as they are both strategically able and in decent positions right now – but Fishy has been getting a fool’s edit and Ciera has barely been seen.

Based on what I have written here – this will be a good season. Unfortunately, we are probably going to have to deal with Abi for a long while. My ideal end to this game – seeing former tribesmates Tasha, Spencer and Kass go at it for the endgame. That will be some very good television.

Other interesting notes
• There has been waaaaaaaaaay too much usage of third person this season. That must end. Everywhere.
• Even before Monica left, E had easily become my favorite to watch this season. And not for strategy. In the hammock. Oh my, E. Perhaps I’ve just grown more fond of blondes these days.
• Funny moment – Tough Terry Deitz doing the “water in my ear” dance.
• That scorpion in camp? Where’s Mike when you need him?
• Varner deserved to not be in the game anymore just for his horrible attempt at mouthing messages at the challenge. Just for that.
• Watching Abi fixate on how Wooooooo! voted for her twice just made me so angry that America is forcing me to have to watch another season of Abi be horrible at Survivor.
• Namesake wants to be the new JT. Just don’t write any stupid letters about idols. OK?
• I love watching priviledged white guys talk about ghettos. Thanks Savage.
• The hero challenge was a great one. Savage was really amazing there. I give him great credit for banging out that challenge. What surprised me was that it was Terry instead of Joe competing.
• Every once in a while it is worth mentioning how amazing the show’s animal transition shots are to behold.
• I love how Kass gave us a reference to Dale Carnegie. There hasn’t been enough Dale Carnegie references in the world these days.
• The blindfold challenges are always fun for the rash of injuries they produce. However, the best part was watching Joe, sprinting, with a giant puzzle piece. Wow. Golden Boy.
• Funniest moment – that giant critter that dive bombed the Tribal Council before Varner met his end.
• Savage saying that Varner is in a better place. He ain’t dead. He’s in the first Ponderosa camp eating peanut butter sandwiches and drinking beer.
• The minute Monica started talking so much in this last episode I knew she was done for. You don’t go silent for four episodes and then get screen time without it being your elimination.
• Gotta love Survivor challenges based on Chuck E Cheese games.
• Survivor career? Really, Spencer? I like you. Don’t say ridiculous things.

Three votes – PG lost 4-2 against Abi, producing a great dumbfounded Wooooooo! moment. Varner goes down to defeat 3-1 against Wooooooo! And Monica in a split vote 3-2-1 goes home over No E and Spencer.

Next week – Night vision trouble. We are going to be losing someone to an injury it seems.

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