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Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chances – Ep 2 – The Feast of Permanent Liability

4 – If I ever go on Survivor, I am never sliding down a wooden slope. Honestly. Why would you do that? I’ve never needed coaching to keep me from dragging my bare legs and ass down a wooden surface. And yet, we saw what we saw.

5 – Monica Padilla is on this season. Monica, Barack Obama, Miley Cyrus, me and Charlie Chaplin all had the same amount of words spoken on this episode of Survivor. In fact, so many castaways got left behind this week to give us the full Savage Playboy, Abi Night vision and Spencer/Shirin scrambling. We barely saw anything from Kimmi, No E, Keith, and others. The nature of the early season – but it makes you wonder about their edits.

Treemail Top 10

1 – I like you, Terry. I always did. Great move in soothing Abi. However, stop using third person. Got it, Terry Deitz?

2 – Varner made a Spy Shack reference. Dude still watches the show.

3 – Ciera’s only appearance, besides sitting out the challenge, was serving food to the men in her tribe. Sigh.

4 – Fire Chimney is going to be name of my new garage band. And some of the tracks from our first album – Permanent Liability – are going to be “Golden Boy Threat,” “Survivor MacGyver,” “Here to Start Fights,” and “Playboy Enterprises.”

5 – Challenge – I liked the steep, steeper and steepest walls to climb. The puzzle at the end looked really tough and required a few tag outs. E and PG started, and would up having Spencer and Shirin finish. They came so close. Kass and Kimmi started and had Namesake and Joe finish. Joe wins it and probably saved Fishy from elimination.

6 – The Abi laugh as she revealed the state of the world to Shirin was pretty creepy. Wasn’t it?

7 – Wooooo! was interesting in that he let the scramblers know that they hadn’t talked to him in six days. This is unforgivable, especially for Spencer who shared his season with Woooooo! He had better use his second chance in Second Chances to remember what a social game is all about.

8 – I liked how innocent E looked when Probst brought up the hidden idol. Who me? As she brushes her long blonde hair aside…

9 – Spencer started early. He handed Abi her torch on the way out. The new Spencer begins now!

10 – I love, love, love the tribe shuffle twist next week. We have the remaining 18 divide up into three tribes. So good. Perhaps a new lease on life for Spencer and Fishy. Perhaps a break-up of the Alpha Males and Old School Coalition. So many possibilities. My question – will there be three new idols or just two? I assume two idols will be hidden – with the Takeo Spikes idol taken. If E winds up elsewhere, she could get a second one. Ooooooh!

Votes – Shirin 5 (No E, PG, Varner, Spencer, Woooooo!), Spencer 4 (Terry, Shirin, Abi, E) – This was an idol protection split vote scenario.

Next week – Spencer adapts and we get new tribes.

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