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Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chances – Ep 2 – The Feast of Permanent Liability

I remember a great Simpsons episode were Homer was making up his own religion and needed a fake holiday so he could call off from work. He looked up and saw the sign in Moe’s that said “Maximum Occupancy.” It became the Feast of Maximum Occupancy and Homer had himself a day off at the bar. That popped into my head during this episode after Spencer called Abi a “permanent liability.” He’s not wrong. However, by the end of this episode she had the last laugh and the feast.

In Survivor, you never, ever, ever make one of your alliance members feel as if they are not wanted. Because if you do, they will go find someone who wants them. The Takeo Spikes majority of Spencer, Shirin, PG, and E forgot about that with Abi. Or…they were really taken in by Jeff Varner. The Australian vet told us that he flipped on Vytas in the first vote because his secret Early Season alliance was not trying very hard. It seems as if Season 1 & 2 joined forces with Season 12 before anyone even hit the beaches. I wonder if Kimmi is secretly part of that too. Varner got rid of S12 winner’s brother so that the others felt energized in the game. If you believe him, then he was never a part of that majority alliance in the first place.

If you believe his victim this week, it was because she tried to express doubt about him. Who knows. What we saw was something completely different.

Abi is a maniac. We saw that in her season, we are witnessing it now. She’s probably a very nice actual person – but on Survivor…maniac. She was shown being a general nuisance for the first half of the episode and driving her alliance mates – and the other side, Terry included – a bit nuts. And then Shirin and PG decided to have a fairly audible bitch session in the dark. Never a good idea – because…the not seeing who is listening in part of it. Abi heard it all and confronted them. PG defended herself and they had it out. Shirin slinked off. PG returned the shelter and said it felt good, as they all laughed.

All except Terry. It was an unexpected move for the guy who really played a horrible social game in Panama. He found Abi and sat with her and did something that guys all around the world fail at all the time, to the chagrin of the ladies who love them. He listened to her. Guys…sometimes that is ALL you have to do. Shut up and listen. She flipped right there on the beach.

Later, Probst would draw a parallel between Shirin abandoning her alliance mate and joining in the mocking to what happened to her last season. That’s a bit weak. It’s like comparing Zac Efron and Zach Galafinakis. Sure, they are both humans named Zachary. But ask most ladies about who they want shirtless in their room…and we have an overwhelming winner. Sure, Shirin felt alone last year and Mike came to her, and a parallel could be found here. However, last year it was after some vicious personal attacks. What happened to Abi wasn’t like that. It was wrong – and horrible Survivor gameplay. But it wasn’t ugly. I see what Probst was doing – trying so hard to tie in the season’s theme – but it was forced.

It’s a darn shame that Shirin and Spencer had their game completely collapse upon them because of an unforced error and a secret, pre-game alliance. But it did. And Spencer did have his parallel be apt – a plea for a chance at Tribal Council. I’m glad he got it – I like Shirin and would have liked to see her play another time, but I like Spencer even more.

It is interesting to see that strategic players are getting targeted this time around. Fishy is also getting flack in the other tribe for playing the game. This is not a good development for this season – I don’t want a season full of alpha males grunting their way to the title. I like schemers with a bit of a sense of humor – and I am very hopeful that next week’s twist makes it easier for Spencer and Fishy to have a new lease on life.

Five Things:

1 – Stop trying to make me root for Savage. It’s not going to happen. How was anyone moved by a wealthy, buff lawyer talking about his love story with a South African model? Anyone relating to that? Any story that involves Playboy and tears…doesn’t tug on my heart strings. Namesake? Well, it worked for him. That Playboy story made him think of his pregnant wife in a positive way, which is not the usual guilty feeling guys get when thinking of their pregnant wives and Playboy at the same time. Fishy asked if Namesake was idol seeking and that further dropped him in the eyes of Savage. Not sure how Fishy’s morals are in question here…but whatever. Again, didn’t care much for Savage the first time around and he ain’t doing much for me now.

2 – Joe is playing the same game again. But he’s better at it now. As Fishy said, Joe is someone you want to keep around early on to keep you strong and then you turn on him the first chance you get. That’s what happened last season, and will happen again this season at this rate. That said…cool hammocks.

3 – Spencer’s foreshadowing. Last week, he told us that he didn’t realize Varner was a crazy person. Think about Varner’s game so far and he’s either an evil genius or a crazy person. He voted out an ally to rally his other allies, and then only managed to get the upper hand because the other side messed up. If they didn’t exile Abi, there is no chance his plan would have worked. Woooooo! would probably have been voted out this week instead. Crazy person…maybe.