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Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chances – Ep 1 – Downward Dog or Downward Spiral

Treemail Top 10

1 – Probst gave out FIVE last name statuses in the first episode – something that gives me hope for Fishy. Savage has always had his, but joining him and Fishy – Deitz, Varner and Wiglesworth. Honestly, has a woman ever gotten last name status before? I think Monica Culpepper got it – but only because her husband already got it. Probst is evolving before our eyes.
2 – Speaking of Monica. Was it me, or did Padilla not even speak until the 45 minute mark in this episode?
3 – Wooooo! compared the feeling of seeing the flag to that of earning a black belt. He should lose his black belt for disrespecting it. That’s like comparing seeing your lover to seeing a sandwich that you like. Sure you love them both – but is it really the same kind of love?
4 – There was an excessive amount of use of the term “old school” that I full expected Shirin to shout out that she was going streaking.
5 – I think Keith spat on the ground for all of us. It’s his thing.
6 – Tasha is doing the Full Sandra Anybody But Me Plan. Bold strategy, Cotton – let’s see how it pays off.
7 – If you don’t want your ass bitten by sea creatures, Varner, then don’t sit in their living room. Come on!
8 – Abi doesn’t want anyone to awaken the dragon. Does she not watch Game of Thrones? Don’t say that.
9 – JoeGa. Nice one, Tasha. Does it seem as if SuperJoe is getting an early hero edit? Even Savage is crushing on him – he just called out his two daughters’ crushes on the big guy.
10 – I think Probst is just trying to say inappropriate things now. A tarp for your wood? Really?
Votes – Vytas 6 (Shirin, Varner, PG, E, Abi, Spencer), Abi 4 (No E, Wooooo!, Terry, Vytas) – Does anyone remember the last vote where Terry was NOT in the minority?

Next week – Crazy Abi. Varner’s trying to play the game. Two people – two different kinds of crazy.

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