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Survivor: Second Chances – Season 31 Preview – Who Will Earn Redemption?

Kass McQuillen – Cagayan – Season 28 – Good for the fans to bring back Chaos Kass. She may already be in the Top Five all-time Survivor villains, but what makes her more interesting than some of the others that have come and gone…is that she isn’t totally unlikable. She is in fact quite likable – but she’s just so damn infuriating. And that’s why she’s Chaos Kass. She couldn’t win a jury vote in Season 28 even if she made the finals – let’s see if she can be the same player and win over a jury. Most Survivors have to tweak their game if they want to win another time through – except Sandra, of course – because if not, then the others will see them coming a mile away. Kass is pretty smart – I think she may make it work.

Spencer Bledsoe – Cagayan – Season 28 – Another good choice. Spencer wasn’t expected to do much – he was young, brash and a bit arrogant. But he took the flailing Brains tribe and helped bring them into power for a while, and then he stuck around until he was in the Final Four. He was a joy to watch on TV and I would be very happy to see him go far once again.

Tasha Fox – Cagayan – Season 28 – Three members of the Brains tribe make it through to second chances. One of the others destroyed the camp – not really an option to return. And another may or may not have been involved in a cheating, bribery scandal. So, good choice people – these three will do. Tasha was always behind the 8-ball, and still got near the end. I wonder if she’ll trust Kass again – I look forward to seeing them interact one more time.

Woo Hwang – Cagayan – Season 28 – Why?!?! What did he do? He lingered. I’m still mad about this one.

Jeremy Collins – San Juan del Sur – Season 29 – So, Namesake is back. He seemed impressive for a while and then got booted by his alliance. He got to get into it a bit with John Rocker – so there’s that. He’s a Pats fan – so we are fighting over that a bit. I wonder if he’ll take a page from his favorite team and do a bit of cheating. Let’s get some cameras up in the other tribe!

Keith Nale – San Juan del Sur – Season 29 – Stick with the plan. He seemed to wander in from the Rudy Boesch Story casting call down the street. He really had no idea what he was doing – but he still finished fourth! I would have a hard time trusting him if I was another player – but boy, he sure said some down-home folksy things!

Kelley Wentworth – San Juan del Sur – Season 29 – She looks great in her bikini. And she’s blonde. Otherwise, I have no idea why she’s here. She finished 14th in a season where she faced almost no strategic wizards. I don’t know – she seemed nice, but we barely saw her much to get a sense. How did she get voted in? Oh yeah, the bikini.

Joe Anglim – Worlds Apart – Season 30 – The Golden Boy of last season. Joe was dreamy to the ladies, and gay men, and was cool to the dudes. He was not very good with strategy – but he was very strong physically and socially. All of the old players have seen his game – so no unfair advantages – and will be using his youth and strength in the early rounds. He is a likely target around merge time – again – for the same reasons. I wonder how much playing back-to-back will hurt him. It’s exhausting playing this game once, much less twice in a short time frame.

Shirin Oskool – Worlds Apart – Season 30 – She was quirky crazy. Not Psycho Abi Crazy. She pointed out monkey sex and got naked a lot. She annoyed many but she also tugged at emotions when she was verbally abused on the show, and then revealed her actual abuse. She’s quite the Survivor character – and it will be fun to watch her try and improve her social game this time around with people who watched all of that unfold last season.