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Survivor: Second Chances – Season 31 Preview – Who Will Earn Redemption?

Guess who’s back. Back again. Shady’s back. Tell a friend.

Honestly, I have no idea if I can do this with my insane schedule. But I am going to try. This season is such a cool idea and is completely Rodney-free…I just have to try. Between the new job (yay – unemployment sucks!), classes (yep, I’m gonna be that old guy sitting in the back trying to keep up), and getting re-married (double yay – divorce and dating both suck!), time is going to be a challenge. Not a Reward Challenge – I have plenty of chocolate and peanut butter here if Jenna and Heidi were asking.
But a challenge.

Forgive me for some weeks of late posts and possible short analyses. Some weeks it could just be something like this – “Did you see that? What was Woooooo! thinking?!?! Time to go to bed. G’nite.”

But I think that after last season’s Collection of Horrible People and The Dumb Ass Things They Say…we have a great season ahead of us. Many fans have been clamoring for years for the show to give second chances to many of the past contestants that had never gotten the Boston Rob, James, Parvati treatment and been brought back several times. There are tons of great Survivor players, crazy characters, hot men and women, and strong personalities that are just itching to return. Hooray for good ideas!

I both liked and hated the idea of having the fans vote. First, it’s a nice thing to put the fans in charge of something – we have been watching this show for 15 years and the only thing we have ever really had in our control was the stupid Fan Vote after All-Stars that gave Rupert and undeserved million bucks. And that leads me into the reason I hated the fan vote – people are pretty stupid. Case in point – Wooooo! is back, and Shane Powers is not. Wha? Come on people – Woooooo! gave a million bucks to Tony while Shane carved a BlackBerry out of a piece of wood. I mean, outside of government jobs, no one even use BlackBerrys anymore! Imagine what this guy could do with an Iphone 6?

Anyway, we also have a great innovation that I think could be fascinating – hidden idols at challenges. You get the clues at camp and then have to find them at the challenge. Awesome. I am really looking forward to seeing these people try and crawl through and obstacle course while searching for an idol. And add to that this…the idols could look like a carved bear on a rope necklace, or it could just be an everyday object. Jason and Eliza’s stick argument could actually be obsolete.

Overall, the fans did a pretty good job, and the show did well in providing us with some solid names to pick from. I’m still amazed a couple of them made the cut – Kelly Whatshername from Blood vs. Water 2 over Carolyn from last season? Did the fans expect Carolyn to win so her votes wound up staying home? Of course, the underachieving hot woman has won the second time around before…cough…Amber…cough.

So without further ado…Your Second Chance Survivors: