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Survivor: Worlds Apart – Ep 3 – Cannon Fodder Follies

Nina – The Nos lost for the second episode in a row and had the Will vs. Nina decision to make at Tribal Council. At the challenge, tribes had to go through a rope challenge and head over to a giant water tank and fill a huge bucket. The catch? The bucket is full of holes. They have to carry the bucket back through the ropes and fill another bucket. It is tedious and grueling, but it is pretty straightforward. Carry the bucket and cover the holes – the more hands the better.

So what do the Nos do? They tell Nina to run back through the maze so that she can help plug holes at the end. Really? What about the holes all throughout the course? That’s where most of it will fall out of the bucket! It’s a moronic plan and Joe is the master of the crappy plan. What the plan was really about…they didn’t trust Nina because of her hearing. It’s that simple. And shitty. Season 6 Christy was able to perform in challenges despite being deaf. Luke was on the Amazing Race three times – finishing in the Top 3 once – despite being deaf and he performed well. This was prejudice pure and simple and it sucks.

And so, the Nos select Nina to be the next one to go home. This was a prefect example of how poor communication and presumptions can work against someone on this show. Nina dug herself a hole, her teammates helped, and she was never able to dig out of it.

Treemail Top 10
1 – It’s amazing that the person on the show playing arguably the most hard core game is on the No Collar Tribe. Jenn’s confessional about how she’s heard enough from Nina about being deaf and being sad…well, that’s amazing coming from a good karma jet ski instructor. The funny thing? I still like her. She’s very interesting.
2 – Hantz wannabe Dan is playing a weird game. Dantz can’t stop talking and his talking is amazingly stupid. He used the old crutch when battling verbally with someone – he called Rodney’s mother a whore. Yo Mamma jokes are a weak minded weapon. Of course, Rodney takes it seriously and gets his testosterone all shook up. Whatever. Dantz will have little chance of winning this game if he keeps pissing people off.
3 – Officer Kelly notices how the dudes are the emotional ones in the Blues. She also calls him a drama queen. No word on what she thinks of his mom.
4 – Jenn and Hali go surfing on driftwood. Pretty soon, they are going to create a friend out of a volleyball. Hali calls surfing her #3 passion in life. No word on what’s the first two. The teenager in my heart knows what one of them is – the jokester in me thinks it may be yodeling.
5 – Joe the Lizard King stalked one and got his tribe a snack. And we see Nina symbolically failing to be a No Collar because she won’t eat lizard.
6 – I think either the bugs like Shirin, or she has a map of the DC Metro system tattooed on her belly.
7 – Have you guys remembered that Sierra is on this season? I wonder if she will ever speak.
8 – Rodney needs to link up with Frank Caliendo – the dude does a mean Mike impression.
9 – Interesting breakdown on the votes – Hali seems to either be confused or not in the loop on the voting plan. She voted for Will – I wonder what the story is there.
10 – Nina was pretty mad in her final interview. If only she showed that kind of passion when it mattered.

Votes – Nina 3 (Lizard King, Jenn, Will), Will 2 (Hali, Nina)

Next week – Two hours. So I am guessing more cannon fodder. We have a tattoo war. We have massive collisions. And there will be blood. No word on milkshake drinking.

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