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Survivor: Worlds Apart – Eps 1 and 2 – So What? And The Assistant Coach Is A Poor Remake

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• We all knew Assistant Coach was going to be an odd one when our first image was of him sticking his tongue out and catching raindrops on the way to the beginning.
• When Carolyn showed up with her yellow suit, I wrote in my notes…who dresses like a banana for Survivor?
• She also said that she doesn’t think class has anything to do with the way things are. Isn’t it interesting that it’s always the White Collars, and especially the bosses and richest of everyone, who thinks that?
• More Rodney skills – he bonds with Lindsey over her tattoos. He tells us that he knows that his tattoo honoring his sister’s memory is a way to “get into any girl’s heart.” That’s disturbing and frightening, but it’s also honest and effective.
• Mike ate a scorpion and was surprised that it made him puke. He may not be the smartest guy out there.
• Assistant Coach was so very wrong in the Joe battle origins. Joe had construction background…so let him build the shelter! If he fails, it’s on him. If he doesn’t, then you have a good shelter, good sleep and a strong tribe. You can work against him later.
• Dan’s tiny underwear? The worst underwear on the show ever. Even The Specialist’s purple pants were better than that. At least they washed away in the surf, allowing the arrival of the best man underwear ever – his makeshift shirtpants. Snerk.
• Smart Joe. He learned on YouTube how to make fire without flint. Why other Survivors don’t do this…I have no idea.
• Assistant Coach wanted to ask a “real human question.” I am sad he got voted out. I wanted someday to hear him ask a Klingon question.
• Jenn – “Don’t hug me for forever after…we smell bad.” HA!
• The young female No Collars go skinny-dipping without Nina. I liked the production choice of showing the montage of all of them struggling to communicate with Nina. The little outburst of Nina exploding after being left out all stemmed from that series of events. And it probably had a lot to do with her whole life’s experiences. Either way, it led to some classic Survivor interpersonal battles that started innocently and metastasized. Jenn was smart about it afterwards, she realized they had to baby her a bit until they didn’t have to any longer.
• Mike saying “not trying to be a dick, but…” – well, whenever anyone says that…they are being a dick.
• Assistant Coach said that he was young once…but he’s 32 now. Sigh. I guess I feel 145 years old right now.

Vote 1 – So 4 (Carolyn, Max, Kicker, Shirin) Carolyn 2 (So, Joaquin)

Vote 2 – Assistant Coach 3 (Hali, Jenn, Will), Jenn 2 (Nina, Assistant Coach), Nina 1 (Joe)

Next week – Surfing, Mike and more wood chopping.

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