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Survivor: Worlds Apart – Eps 1 and 2 – So What? And The Assistant Coach Is A Poor Remake

The Big Lie
I liked the choice presented to the tribe volunteers – either bring the tribe the large bag of beans, or the small bag of beans with the hidden idol clue. The No Collars pretty quickly decide that it’s going to be the big bag. The Blues have a funnier moment as Mike asks Dan if they are going to be good guys or bad guys. Dan smartly responds that it is too early to be bad. They take the big bag. A smart choice – at this stage, you need your tribe to be strong so you avoid Tribal Council while you seek majority among them. Ironically, they come back and tell the tribe the truth, but Sierra thinks they are lying. That’s a no-win situation.

The Whites choose to grab the clue and the tiny bag. They also lie to the tribe…badly. They make up a neutral option and the tribe sees through it instantly. Then Carolyn beats them to the idol. So great.

Episode One Challenge – Giant obstacle course with a puzzle choice at the end. Loved that! Either the complicated five-piece puzzle, the ten piece visual puzzle or the 50 piece standard puzzle. The ten piece was the clear choice, and amazingly the Whites went with the standard one. Lindsey smacks her head – always love those. Would you pick opening three locks with 20 keys or untying 20 knots? I know! Knots! None of them chose this to start with, and all wound up switching. Joe and Mike nail the visual puzzle after Shirin and Max fail to solve the larger puzzle sending the Whites to the first Tribal.

Tribal Council One – Joaquin and So plot against Carolyn. Tyler brings that info to her, and she shares her idol possession with him. He was given a choice at this point in the game – flush or dispose of the idol, or join with it. At Tribal, So instantly messes up and claims to have a group of four. She’s such a bad liar. It makes me wonder if she makes people cry at work because they are busy cleaning up all of her mistakes. She calls Carolyn weak and Carolyn fights back – what makes So so strong? Untying knots? The tribe is predictably vicious when their backs are against the wall. The vote happens and So goes home.

Episode Two Challenge – Big water obstacle course, followed by a bit of basketball. It’s a good thing the Blues were practicing in camp. Dan wants to prove he can swim – and despite a belly full of Duff Beer…he actually can swim well. Will messes it up for the Nos. He later calls the water the “black man’s kryptonite.” HA! Joaquin seals the win for the Whites in the water and then shooting hoops.

Tribal Council Two – Assistant Coach predictably and stupidly targets Joe. Waaaay too early for that. He has creeped so many of them out that Joe and Jenn start to work against him. Nina wants revenge for the skinny dipping incident. Joe’s plan is to split the votes…for some reason. It was almost their undoing as Assistant Coach, Nina and Will joined together secretly to take out Jenn. That’s a 3-2-1 vote. It’s a good thing Nina has a big mouth and spooked Will by telling him that Assistant Coach was worried about the big guy’s health. The Council itself is a bit dull, except Jenn thinking she may have actually been on TV.