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Survivor: Worlds Apart – Eps 1 and 2 – So What? And The Assistant Coach Is A Poor Remake

Escameca Tribe – The Blue Collars.

Kelly – She’s a cop. That’s all I got.

Mike – His first moments encapsulated what this tribe is supposed to be – all about hard work and physical labor. And he proved that time and again by pestering his tribe into “working more.” Next week’s scenes show that this may be blowing up in his face.

Lindsey – She’s a mom, a hairstylist, and she has tons of tattoos. She’s also pretty damn hot.

Dan – So, he’s a bit crazy and wants to be Russell Hantz, all the way down to his hat. I sense he is going to be rather annoying, unless he manages to find his own persona and not become a Hantz wannabe. He also needs to be careful, because mansplaining things to younger people is really not a good way to make nice on this show.

Rodney – He’s “filet mignon, and they’re all steak um.” I like him. He reminds me of Pitbull from two seasons ago – he could be rather dangerous. He lied from the start – he says he’s a furniture mover, but he is really a salesman. He can be very, very dangerous.

Sierra – We learn very little about her in the first couple of eps. It makes me think that she’s not long for the game.

Nagarote Tribe – The No Collars.

Jenn – She is a jet ski instructor and she’s right…no one is unhappy on a jet ski. Except the time I drove one when I was 14, with my mom on the back, and had sea water spraying all over my glasses, almost leading us to crash into a sailing vessel. But still, I get it. Jenn is also the vixen of the tribe, as the next guy proved.

Vince – Or Assistant Coach as I like to call him. He wants so very badly to be Coach. All he is missing is a tattoo saying “Dragon Slayer.” He’s the “seer of real.” He doesn’t believe in rules. He does believe in obsessing over Jenn and her ample jet ski body. He does believe in staring uncomfortably at people and piercing their very soul. He is also a close talker – and does kind of look like Judge Reinhold with long hair.

Hali – She’s a hot young law student. She’s not in it to be a soulless corporate lawyer – she’s in it to help the poor. Unless they are deaf, in which case she’s in it to swim naked without them and make them cry.

Nina – She has implants – but not the kind normally seen on this show. She’s deaf.

Joe – I can’t decide about him. He’s got some good qualities, but he kind of reminds me of the guys in college that were into nature, good pot, playing acoustic guitar and banging every girl who would fall for it. Or, he’s really that earnest and nice. I can’t decide. Nevertheless, seeing him and the Asst Coach clash over being Alpha Male was very interesting – even No Collars are not immune to the Bigger Dick Syndrome.

Will – He is the dude that danced at the gas station on that YouTube video. He seems like a nice guy – but not sure just how Survivor skilled he is at heart.