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Survivor: Worlds Apart – Eps 1 and 2 – So What? And The Assistant Coach Is A Poor Remake

On the day of Episode 3, I have finally caught up with this season of Survivor. This past month involved a whole lot of travel, the start of a new job, my engagement to my beautiful fiancé and the ongoing efforts to merge all of our stuff together in the house. It’s been a bit crazy. I still haven’t watched the end of Top Chef! And House of Cards is sitting there waiting for me to binge watch.

But enough of that…we have Season 30 of Survivor to get into.

I like it.

That’s right – once again, a gimmick idea that Survivor producers have come up with had a chance of totally crashing and burning and somehow managed to totally work. At least so far. I remember when the show did the ethnic season (Cook Islands) it seemed to be a disaster waiting to happen. In fact, it started out pretty horrible and then it turned into one of the best seasons. It happens time and again – blood vs. water, Exile Island, etc.

The one exception is Redemption Island – the Boston Rob season started out so good and then got tiring as he dominated a bad bunch and Philips’ antics took center stage. Worlds Apart has started out this way – pretty great. Let’s hope it becomes something great by the end and not something tedious.

The season has three tribes divided by profession – White Collar, Blue Collar and No Collar. White = executives and corporate America people…those usually in charge. Blue = the vast majority of American workers…those who built America on their labor. No = people who live by their own rules and work in some of the more offbeat jobs. How will they interact with each other…and then once their tribes merge? Pretty fascinating.

One would expect the bosses to clash over who is going to be the Alpha Dog – and that’s already happened. However, unexpected is that these folks are better with their hands and in challenges than expected. The worker bees should be great at the physical aspects of the game, but would they be leaderless? Again, not unexpected to see them do well physically and to see them push back against someone who makes them feel as if they aren’t working hard. And the no collars? Creativity was expected, but the ruthlessness was not…I think that’s unexpected and very possible.

Because of the late nature of things, I will do a lot of Treemail Top 10s in this column. Let’s do a little on each person first, and then the challenges.

Masaya Tribe – The White Collars.

Max – He taught a class on Survivor in college. That’s hard-core. He’s also embraced the Richard Hatch School of Naked Survivoring. He is instantly one of my favorite ones this season – and to have him be on the White Collar team surprises me.

So – I disliked from the minute she said she made people cry at work. That’s everything I hate about corporate America.

Joaquin – I hate him instantly. He is every dude who thinks they are hot stuff but are really just assholes in a suit. I bet he gets a lot of women to fall for it and then treats them like garbage. Why did he gravitate to So? Because she’s hot. Of course, she’s too smart to fall for his crap. Maybe if he gets voted out soon they can flirt some more at the resort holding the early boots.

Carolyn – Also an unexpected favorite. I love how she instantly could tell that Joaquin and So were lying – extra funny because they thought they were such good liars – and she beat them to the hidden idol. So perfect. I also respect how she rolled her dice a bit and trusted the group that So was going to go instead of her. Now she has an idol and a majority alliance in the tribe.

Tyler – A former talent agent and NFL placekicker (really, how often do you get to say that sentence?), he is also a budding star from this season. Seeing him trying to carry on a conversation with Shirin as she was naked from the waist down…may be Top 10 in funniest Survivor moments ever.

Shirin – A Yahoo executive who has been a fan of the show since she was 16. She’s also catching the Hatch disease.